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Frequently Asked Questions...
Q:I would like to contribute a photo, what do I do?
A:Click on the submit button in the menu bar.
Then have the following ready....
Photos - A scanned or digital gravestone photo of an individual buried in this state.
County - you must know the county where the individual is buried.
Cemetery Name - you must know the Cemetery in which they are buried.
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Q:I submitted a photo, but it isn't showing up?
A:New submissions are not displayed immediately as they are first reviewed by the local county administrator to ensure the photos, cemetery names and other info are consistent with the mission of the project. In most cases, they will likely appear online within 24-48 hours.

Please allow for special circumstances of illness or other situations that may result in a delay in approval. Please don't submit duplicate photos if they don't appear right away. If there is any question, feel free to drop the county administrator a note. Thanks for contributing to our Gravestone Photo Project!
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